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What is Doorstep Mobile Repair

Doorstep Mobile repair is a convenient service in which we send a certified professional technician at your doorstep with all the repair tools and 100% quality spares. Our repair executive will repair your device in front of you which also makes it the safest way of getting one’s phone fixed.

Is there is any extra money charged for doorstep service or free device pick-up & drop?

No, the pick-up and drop facility is absolutely free. We do not charge extra money for this service. A person has to only pay the repair fees or bear the price of a new part

Who will repair my phone in both the services?

Only a certified technician will operate on your device in both the services. Our repair labs are equipped with experienced technicians and tools required for performing any repair task. In the case of the doorstep repair service, you are paid a visit by the best repair specialist who too are equipped with the right tools and knowledge.

FixScreenRepair Save money and time

Get Your IOS Android Phone At Your Doorstep Now

With Onsite mobile repair in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, now you don’t have to go anywhere. With our busy lifestyle, it is hard to find a good service centre then to wait for our damaged phone to get fixed. But now you can get an expert team at your doorstep easily. IPhone screen repair in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad is now affordable and quick. The Great mobile repair services with Fixscreenrepair now take care of everything. They ensure cheaper rates than other service providers and give you a quick solution. Today as most of us keep our work-related or financial information on our mobile, handing it over to a service centre doesn’t feel secure. But whether it is about your All devices Like ISO, android screen repair in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad or virus or malware problem. Now you get both security and assurance that your data will be safe. The best mobile repair in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad also ensures three months to a lifetime warranty. Therefore from affordability to security, you get it all.

FixScreenRepair Save money and time

Benefits Of Mobile Repair Shop Near You

We are very busy in our day to day work and we don’t have much time to get into another work without the mobile and now-a-day mobile has become like life partner. The most interesting thing about it is, you see on any street, you will find a lot of vendors who will be providing this mobile related service, either that service is related to buying a new mobile phone or repairing your existing mobile phone and this has all happened due to boost in the mobile phone industry and easy availability of cheap touch screen mobile phones, having these shops around the corner can actually be quite beneficial. Right from screen repairs to glass repair, these mobile repair shops provide almost all services. They are the most used and most popular type of service you will find in the market today.

With the emergence in technology and increased use of mobile phones, these service providers are the best solution for people whose phone is not functioning properly. These mobile repairs centers are actually of great use as they have expertise in their segment of work. They are professionals with in-depth knowledge of all phones irrespective of the shape, size, type or brand. Any problem can be solved in as less as two to three hours. In cases of part replacement, it may take longer if the part isn’t available with the vendor or needs to be specially ordered.

Whatever is the reason, user get so many beneficial while having mobile repairing shops near you and you will get a Hurry up! Visit us or Call us: +91 8800 653 465 to book online.

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Fix Your Iphone Issues With The Assistance Of The Best Service Providers

today time mobile very important And the reason behind it is quite evident and Accidents will happen and your mobile gets Screen damaged first and you will very sad now urgent reached shop and shop owner speak you you come tomorrow you think Doorstep repairing at its best mobile repair with FixScreenRepair. Hurry up! Visit us or Call us: +91 8800 653 465 to book online.

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About Fix Screen Repair

Fix Screen Repair is well established ventures which is started by and Kavita Singh in 2018. Today, we are very busy in our day to day life and people don’t have time to even do some extra stuffs in their life and mobile made them very important and essential component for any user.

So, when anyone is using their phone and sudden, it got damaged by means mode of operation either by loosing from hand or by any normal accident. Everyone keeps all the information in their phone and once that gets damage, it becomes heart attack for the user and after thinking all these, we thought to establish something, so, user doesn’t have to visit to the mobile repair shop for repairing their mobile because mobile repair shop takes 4-5 hours to repair and sometime, it takes around a week to get it repair and user can’t stay alone even a single second without the mobile.

So, we are providing such a service, so, user can reach to our site and register the complain for their make and model of the mobile and we will reach to your doorstep within 2 hours and fix your mobile issue on the spot without destroying your valuable time.

We are having a team of 50 people who is servicing throughout the Delhi NCR.

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Are you looking for an Online Mobile Repairing company in Delhi/NCR?

If you are looking for Online Mobile Repairing Company then your search ends at FixScreenRepair. We are not only service center of online mobile repair but also known for doing best repair of all type of mobile phones in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. The majority of the online mobile repair centers have a great deal of heavy charges but at our company FixScreenRepair. You just need to pay normal charges for your mobile phone repair. Hurry up! Visit us or Call us: +91 8800 653 465 to book online.

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Top Things To Remember Before Handing Your Smartphone To The Expert

Is your Smart Phone not working and you are planning to give your phone to an expert for repair? If yes then you must know about your expert technical. Many online mobile repair companies will ask for a security password and pattern lock, while they receiving your smartphone for repair. You should be careful about your personal information and more….

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Here are some common issues in phone and tips to recover from them

Case in point is iPhone, where the glorious manufacturer Apple charges $129 with taxes to be paid extra for iPhone 6S while for iPhone 6S Plus, it stands at $149 with taxes payable additionally. Likewise, AppleCare+ is Apple Inc’s policy which covers accidental damages but if an iPhone is not covered under any such policy, getting our iPhone repaired at Apple is indeed a backbreaking experience owing to high price tag.

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Have You Ever Cleaned Up Your Cell Phone?

OH Great! You are looking for best online shop that can help you to clean your cell phone then here at your search ends. We are reliable Mobile phone repair shop in Delhi/NCR. My Question is "have you ever cleaned up your cell phone"? If no then please do it as soon as possible. We will remove junk files and the hundreds of bad photos to gain some storage space from your mobile phone. It will help to increase performance/Speed of your cell phone. Call Today!

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